Residential Internet Solutions

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101Netlink’s residential services offer a true Broadband Internet connection, with speeds up to 100Mbps down / 20Mbps up and very low latency. Voice, Video, Audio, gaming and everyday surfing/emailing are easily and quickly transported across our network. Once you have a true Broadband Internet connection you will realize what the Internet really has to offer and fast! Our services are available in most areas of the cities in Humboldt County as well as to a large rural area of Humboldt, Northern Mendocino and South Western Trinity Counties. We have become creative in how to bring our services to the remote areas, such as using trees for towers and solar relay sites. We have many links and FAQ’s on our Customer Support page for the various options and how the service works.

101Netlink, partnering with, serves Orick and areas East of Arcata along Hwy 299 as far as Hawkins Bar/Trinity Village.

101Netlink, partnering with North Coast Internet serves Anderson Valley, areas of Mendocino County and Lake County.